The Future of Residential Heating Starts Here

In a net-zero future where distributed CO2 emissions need to be largely eliminated, hydrogen will become the new fuel source of choice for heating in Canada.

Kleen HY-DRO-GEN wants to provide green and accessible residential heating solutions and demonstrate the possibilities of mass hydrogen heating adoption. Our products will become a new standard and set an industry benchmark in a hydrogen heating industry.

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Why Hydrogen?

As a heating fuel, hydrogen is a cleaner-burning molecule that can be a substitute for combustion of fossil fuels in applications where high-grade heat is needed and where electric heating is not the best option.

Versatile Energy Carrier

Carbon-free at Point of User

Can Be Produced From Variety of Feedstocks

Can Be Transported Long Distances

Highest Energy per Mass of Any Fuel

Zero Emissions

Low cost


Technical Specifications

  • Control mode: manual and automatic
  • Automatic temperature control accuracy ±1℃
  • The temperature is automatically controlled by either a standard thermostat or a smart segmented program temperature controller
  • Different kinds of temperature controllers can be chosen to meet clients’ own requirements.
  • Water and atmosphere pressure and hydrogen production are electronically controlled and can be remotely monitored according to the clients’ requirements
  • The product is manufactured from Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and other specialty materials
  • The product will conform with all industry standards & safety regulations
Heating Module: 30000 BTU
Power Supply: 110/220 V AC
Off-Grid Power Supply: 12 V dc / 400 Amp
Power Consumption: 3-5 Kw/hr
Water consumption: 0.08 LPH
Water storage capacity: 4 gallon
Proprietary Alkaline Solution: KOH
KLEENHEAT™ Gas Flow rate: 0.00033 m³/s
Control System: Automatic Electronic Control
Over all Dimensions: ( 28 x 20 x 78 ) inch

Our Team

Thomas Fairfull

  • President and CEO
  • One of Ontario Business Report's Top 100 Entrepreneurs and a finalist in the 2004 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • 10+ years in Green Energy Industry
  • 25+ years in various executive positions
  • In 2001, founded a company specializing in on-board hydrogen generation technology, which has been adopted by the heavy-trucking industry
  • In 2004, after raising substantial capital through private equity investment, took the company public and after a successful IPO became President & CEO of a TSX Venture company
  • Co-inventor of a portable on-demand hydrogen generator in addition to the KLEENHEAT™ system
  • Inventor of an innovative microwave tire recycling technology

Sam Soliman

  • Head of Engineering Services
  • 20+ years of experience as an Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Engineer
  • Specialized in the Research & Development of Emission Reductions
  • Building Automations and Alternative Green Energy Technologies
  • 10+ years of experience in management, design, feasibility, SRED, Euro-Homologation and ISO 9001 Quality management systems
  • Co-inventor of a portable on-demand Hydrogen Generator System in addition to the KLEENHEAT™ retrofit system
  • Awarded certificates from the SAMES and Control System International CSI

Ken Hanna

  • Technical advisor for KLEEN HY-DRO-GEN Inc.
  • Former Senior Litigation Partner and Executive Member with the law firm Ridout & Maybee LLP.
  • 23 years of experience in intellectual property law, litigation, licensing and transactions.
  • Lead counsel on a variety of intellectual property matters before the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, Ontario Superior Court, Divisional Court and Court of Appeal.
  • Successfully assisted clients with navigating the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (superseded by the Access to Cananabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and the 2018 Cannabis Act & Regulations to become licensed cultivators and processors of medical cannabis.
  • Routinely assisted start-up clients navigating legal and regulatory issues in a variety of technological fields.

Michael Ash

  • Chief Сommercial Officer

John Yurkovich

  • Vice President of Operations

Gerry Feldman

  • Chief Financial Officer

Alex Fairfull

  • Computer Information Systems Officer

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